Orange Blossom Special Grand Finale!

We received this wonderful video with the following email.. Thank you!

“Hi there..

Our family recently purchased book 1 of Fairfield Fiddle Farm by Charles A. Hall and we worked up OrangeBlossom Special, beginners version and posted it on youtube…right now it looks like the only post out there mentioning/giving credit to this book/arranger…

The video is getting pretty good response and just wondered if you might want to check it out and see if you might want to refer people to go view it…I think it could honestly increase the sales of this very good little fiddle book!  We have only been happy with this first book in the series and looking forward to learning more from it. We are being classically trained as violinists but have plans to learn the fiddle style to match the fiddle tunes as well.

For our video of it, we have an upright bass, a guitar, piano and cello along with 3 fiddlers/(really classicaly trained violinists!) involved.

Here is a link if you think it might help promote the product! It’s not perfect…we are just a big homeschool family that loves music and wanted to have fun w/ this piece out in public at our kids’ recital…

With kind regards,

Jill Williamson

Stillwater, OK”